Fetch Memberships

Welcome to Fetch: Your All-in-One Sports Community for Just $99/Month

At Fetch, we’re more than just a sports club; we’re a vibrant community that brings together the excitement of tennis and pickleball with the spirit of connection and growth. For a flat monthly fee, discover a world where your love for sports and your quest for improvement and camaraderie come alive.

What Fetch Offers:

• Skill Clinics: Tailored for all levels, our clinics in tennis, pickleball, and volleyball are designed to elevate your game, with expert guidance to refine your skills, strategy, and confidence.
• Leagues & Tournaments: Step into our diverse leagues and exciting tournaments. Whether you’re in it to win it or just looking for some fun competition, there’s a place for you here.
• Social Events: Fetch is where friendships flourish. Beyond the game, our social events create memorable moments, from celebrations to gatherings, bringing everyone together as part of the Fetch family. 
• Fitness & Private Training discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on  personalized private training sessions and our diverse fitness classes designed to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Why Choose Fetch?

It’s simple. Fetch is where you can push your limits, meet like-minded enthusiasts, and be part of a community that celebrates every serve and spike. Here, every day is an opportunity to play, improve, and connect.

Join the Movement. Be Part of Fetch.

Dive into the Fetch experience and see how we blend the thrill of sports with the warmth of community. Here, it’s all about playing the sports you love, improving together, and making every game a shared adventure.

Ready to make your move? Join Fetch today and let the games begin!