Open gym

Open Gym:
Monday-Thurs 11AM - 7PM
Fri 11-6:30pm
Saturday 8am - 11am


At Fetch, we offer private workout spaces that are available for booking. These private workout spaces are perfect for those who prefer to workout in a more private and intimate setting.


Our private workout spaces are fully equipped with everything you need to get a great workout, including free weights, cardio equipment, and functional training equipment to create your own workout atmosphere.


Booking a private workout space is easy. Simply visit our website or call our studio to book a time that works best for you. Our private workout spaces are available for hourly rental.


Whether you're looking to train for a specific event, prefer to workout in a more private setting, or simply want to avoid the crowds, our private workout spaces are the perfect solution. Contact us today to book your private workout space and take your fitness to the next level!

In order to maintain a quality experience for our customers we are modifying our Open Gym Policies.  Our primary goal is to maintain a safe, productive environment for our students. REMEMBER: Open Gyms are not designed as an instructional period. Open Gyms are times when participants may workout independently. Open Gym is not a babysitting service, nor a time for personal one-on-one instruction. 


Pre-registration is required to secure your spot and can be made only with the wellness living app. The number of available spaces is limited based on the number of stations available. All registrations must be made no more than 60 mins before session must be booked prior to 4PM on Friday.


  1. Availability: The number of participants in Open Gyms is limited. Participation in Open Gym is available to individuals on a first come first served basis. Pre-Registration is strongly advised. 

      2.  Pre-Registered participants may cancel their reservation at any time prior to one hour before the beginning of the Open  gym period       

      3.  Pre-Registered participants who do not make prior arrangements for arriving to Open Gym late will forfeit their space 15 minutes after Open Gym has begun.


      4.  Pre-Registered “no shows” for any reason will forfeit their space and their payment 15 minutes after Open Gym has begun.


      5.  All Open Gym participants must have an Open Gym Registration Form (new) signed by a parent on file with the Office Staff.

      6.  All Open Gym participants must maintain a standard of behavior conducive to a learning environment such as ours. Arguing,      

           profanity, loud distracting behavior will not be tolerated and may be cause for removal.          

      7.  Participants who use the Open Gym period as a make up for a missed class must also Pre-Register. 

      8. Open Gym times are not included in the Competitive Team fees or “Open Workout Privileges” policy. The Open Workout Privileges           excludes any non-instructional times such as Open Gym,